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Auto Accident Attorney in Miami

Why Won't my Primary Care Doctor see me after a Car Accident?

After a car accident in Miami, many accident victims go see their primary care doctor only to find out that their doctor won't treat them.  Primary care  physician in some cases will treat you, but they require you to pay for your medical care up front.  Primary care generally will do what is called third party billing or work on a medical lien.  These doctors offices are geared towards billing medical insurance companies not auto insurance companies.  So when you have a car wreck, you will find your medical treatment options may be very limited.

What Kind of Doctor should I see for my car accident Injury?

It is important for you to call an auto accident attorney in Miami to determine which doctors in your area will treat victims of car accidents.  Most doctors do not treat victims of car accidents in Miami because of 2 reasons that are not related to the actual practice of medicine.  The first reason is purely financial, they are not set up for no fault insurance or PIP benefits.

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