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Auto Accident Attorney in Miami

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Motorcycle accidents continue to be a concern for people living or traveling through the Miami area.  Many motorcyclists come to Miami every year for its beautiful weather and highways plus high-profile motorcycle events.  As a result of thousands of bikers visiting Florida and specially the Miami area, to enjoy a ride or a special event, many fatal and non-fatal motorcycle accidents continue to occur.

Many motorcycle accidents are due to negligent driving which can include:

  • Distracted driving ,Drowsy driving, Illegal driving / ignoring rules of the road, Driving while impaired by alcohol or drugs (prescription or over-the-counter), Reckless driving, Speeding, Texting and driving, Distracted driving (eating, applying makeup, tending to kids, and more

If you are a victim of a motorcycle accident in Miami, it's important to understand your rights.  Only a highly experience Auto accident attorney in Miami can help you fully determine your rights, because motorcycle accidents are typically more difficult to prove who was at fault as compared  to other auto accidents. The Law office of Leo Valdes (auto accident attorney in Miami) works with a trusted team of experts who can help investigate what led to a motorcycle crash or accidents and best present your case to court.

Having the confidence to win your case starts with working with the right Auto Accident Attorney Miami.  The Law Office of Leo Valdes is well-versed in complex traffic laws as they relate to motorcyclists.  You may be eligible to receive compensation for pain and suffering, lost wages, hospital and medical costs, property damage and more, so don't wait to get your free consultation.  If you or a loved one was a victim of a traffic accident while riding in Miami, or  was a passenger on, a motorcycle, call us today at 305-567-0910or visit our contact page.